Let's discuss...What's happening?

It´s quiet because there are no news posted, there is zero marketing hype or anything like that. I wonder if N6 is even scheduled for this year anymore.

Well, I have to say I’ve seen few other company representatives that display more disinterest in customers / marketing than these guys… If at all… Heck, they can’t even be bothered to acknowledge feature requests.

Well, sad to say - but for what does we need N6? N5.5 seems to work now (more or less) and after some time one can get used to every kind of event-gui… It is not a bad application, I can use it for making records. In fact 5.5 is all I ever wanted (feature wise :slight_smile:)

Since we have beat-detective style drum editing and edit groups together with grid-lines-following-quantisation-settings and stuff like that we only need some fixes and maybe stability enhancements, maybe smaller workflow modification-options… Maybe a nice little feature here and there to be able to get out the smoothest workflow ever out of that software… but PLEASE no full redesign of the audioengine-gui–editing-philosophy-or-whatever again…

Haha, and I was just upset 2 hours ago when receiving the long awaited Antares newsletter regarding FINALLY a 64bit version of Autotune… Haha, they want 69 bucks for the update. Just the update which makes the plugin 64bit compatible, 2 years after all the freeware stuff is fully 64 bit… well, they know that everyone will pay, me too :slight_smile:

I can think of a few things that both Pro Tools and Reaper do better, and a few things that both of those programs do that Nuendo can’t do at all, so I think there is a need for an update. N5 brought nothing for me, so I didn’t get it. I’m hoping that N6 will be of some use.


Well yes - when it comes to stuff like “import session data” and stuff, yea… But who knows if any of these things will be ever implemented …?

Well, V5 was indeed not an improvement - but 5.5 was…

The biggest problem for me at the moment is the lack of flexibility of surround formats, because using a multi channel plug like SPAT to “place” an entire Brass section takes a really convoluted workaround, or multiple instances. This is one of those cases where a sensible solution would be to allow the user to configure their own surround set-up, but unfortunately Nanny Steinberg knows best. Except that she doesn’t. :wink:

There are also many small things that need to be done, including an Import Session Data feature, but as users seem to be discouraged from making feature requests I’m not holding my breath. The grass certainly isn’t any greener with the other DAWs, but Nuendo used to have a really big head start, and now is being caught up at every update.

Obviously i take no account of features which don’t concern me, because I don’t use them, but that’s the way it is for everyone, I think.


Hey DG, yes - that’s the point, everyone is using Nuendo in a different way - some only do surround movie stuff, others (me) are doing stereo-audio only - recordings / producing / mixing / mastering bands - and even here it differs - I am doing mainly hard n heavy stuff, a life without advanced drumediting is impossible, others may work mainly in jazz or classic - maybe they will never touch the drumtracks…

So it is obvious that some issues are bugging person A to death while person B never had an issue here, same for “missing” features etc.

I could not work in N4.3 again, though I prefered the event-gui way over latest Nuendo/Cubase.

Just like Bredo said:

It is exactly the same here. 100%. The last half year I was constantly swapping between N5.5 and C6.5 - first went the Cubase route because of the features (C6) - but using Nuendo 5.1 because of the GUI and other things - “broken” (and unusable) new Lanes in C6 for example - then went on with N5.5 but stepped over the C6 issues here as well, in combination with the new features and some other issues - did a LOT of sessions in old C 5.5 (rocksolid and reminds a lot to N4.3 but with additional stuff like that melodyne style pitch editor etc etc) - in fact I did most of the work in 2011 in C5.5 - but mixed in N5 or N5.5…

Finally they fixed things and finally there is a great Version out, N5.5.4 - I hope I can now finally just use ONE Version of DAW software to do my work instead of using 3 different versions at the same time…

Well, as I am used to use both applications in the studio it is no problem for me to only use Cubase at home or on the road - I prefer carrying a 600 EUR dongle with me instead of a 2500 EUR dongle… :sunglasses:

Ermmm… I can think of a lot of things, better window management, UI docking and workflow optimizations. I hope this will be the ultimate workflow improvement update and the program getting a little more intuitive.

Also some orchestration friendly features for MIDI editing, more context menu options, like right clicking on marked events or midi notes and moving them to a different track with one click by selecting destination tracks from a pull down menu. N6, the less clicking update… how cool would that be?

Hate to stress is again, but my template has been growing over the years and without track show/hide and certain window craziness improved I will go nuts sooner or later. :mrgreen: Bwa-ha-ha-ha ok guess it already happened

Well, your’re right :slight_smile:

But are these features/enhancements really coming? I never read all these N6 topics, so I might not know. If they are coming in N6 I will upgrade, of course. If they change all the stuff (behaviors, GUI etc) again (which renders existing workflows useless) I will stay away as long as possible.

That´s what Timo said

I think there are a few things that Nuendo NEEDS in order to compete with PT, objectively speaking. One example is a good way of grouping faders which is something we don’t have now. And I think there are other things that are important and are lacking.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I actually think Nuendo is a fantastic application and some of the features it has PT doesn’t have. I even think Nuendo is the superior option in several cases. And most apps have problems. My friend just told me that a recently released version of PT makes it impossible to plug/unplug audio cables without it shutting down unexpectedly! So unplug your headphones and “poof”… Difference being of course that they issue updates much more rapidly and frequently.

But it doesn’t change the fact that Timo and others here seem completely uninterested in talking to their customers. Actually, let me take that back; some here seem interested in making an effort NOT to address certain things, like Feature Requests etc. It’s as if it’s a deliberate attempt to NOT communicate with users, even on a meta-level. Perhaps it’s a German thing. As a matter of fact, I think it is. US support has always been quite different in how they approach us customers.

So anyway, that’s why I think there’s less participation here. I would come here more frequently if I used Nuendo full time to make money. I can’t until certain things have been added. I’d also spend more time if I could get into a dialog with SB representatives which seems near impossible…

Amen. I 100% agree

I fully agree as well! Esp regarding the communication thing… I have to add that I had quite a nice offline-conversation via phone and mail with Thorsten regarding a recent Bug in N5.5 (the tempotrack issue) - so it IS possible to communicate, but I wish it could be more “USA-style” - lets name companies like Slate-Digital - I have the feeling that they do care much more about the “life out there”.

But as I said, I am a little bit skeptic about all those features / modifications we would like to have - are they in N6??! When I read through Timos lines above I am somewhat unsure if I have to be afraid about “everything messed up again”… I do not want to start all over at Zero again…

We will see, at least I have a quite fine working version now and for my kind of work there is all I need now - not talking about workflow enhancements, but I can get from A to B without problems now and not too slow as well.

My worry too. I have very little faith in the beta testing, the decisions on which bugs to leave in for release, and the update speed/frequency, although the latter has certainly improved.

I’d be in your position too had I not switched to nearly 100% competition a few years back. It’s hard to return once you’ve been “burned”. But I have my hopes up for N6 actually.

hmm, still no news? :frowning:

Rather quiet around here…

But as I said, I am a little bit skeptic about all those features / modifications we would like to have - are they in N6??! When I read through Timos lines above I am somewhat unsure if I have to be afraid about “everything messed up again”… I do not want to start all over at Zero again…

We will see, at least I have a quite fine working version now and for my kind of work there is all I need now - not talking about workflow enhancements, but I can get from A to B without problems now and not too slow as well.

Hi Christoph,

Nuendo 6 will provide many new functions, new features and workflow accelerators for those working audio-to-picture related.



First of all let me say this:

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy in NYC I was forced to do a project at home and it was mostly a pleasure to use Nuendo. In particular batch-exporting down a post mix by act (cycle marker) and stems faster than real-time was fantastic. We’re talking spending about 2 minutes rendering final files as opposed to 20 in ProTools. Absolutely fantastic when deadlines are tight.

What also helped a great deal - although it necessitates a thorough setup first - is the routing and Control Room. It’s absolutely great for rooms without an external signal controller. The ability to monitor any group without breaking the signal flow in the actual mixer is stellar.

So while I sound critical at times just rest assured that I think the app is very, very good.

So having said that I just have to voice my concern on three issues since you’re here:

  1. With this “renewal” of code I pray to Jehovah (well, I would if I wasn’t an atheist anyway) that you put it through some stellar beta-testing AND follow up with great documentation on any known issues AND follow up with frequent updates to deal with what is pretty much inevitable issues.

  2. Feature Requests; why can’t you even acknowledge that you’ve read them? You don’t have to promise anything. But the issue here is that you state that this is a place for making them, yet how will we know if you read one? Your participation on the forum is close to zero so we just don’t know if you’ll catch a FR thread before it “falls off the front page”, not that things move that quickly here, but still… I just don’t get it. If you indeed read the requests it shouldn’t take more than 20 seconds to acknowledge that in a post.

  3. While we appreciate your contribution when it appears it’s painfully vague. Again, some have decisions to make as far as investments go and being vague doesn’t help. Should I invest in Nuendo 5 at this point? Does that make sense for me with Nuendo 6 coming out? When is it coming out? What’s the long-term strategy on hardware? Should I bother with the toy-looking controllers or hold off on investments because Yamaha is working on a new surface? Etc…

You’re really not making it easy for your customers.

Here’s something funny:

There’s now an “Absolute Collection” of VSTi’s. On the front page you can see a blurb that says that Cubase users can get a special download only price or something… Don’t see any mention of Nuendo users… Curious, isn’t it?..


Of course we know it will be GREAT, but the question is… RELEASE, WHEN ? :mrgreen: