Lets make a color scheme together that is crisp on C13. Important to save your preff settings before

Im uploading what i can with my monitor amd color settings on C13, we can together work with this scheme until we all are happy on a dark scheme the moste important is to hold down S “Saturation” and have normal on the monitor Saturation 100% Contrast 60% and Brightness until it looks good like from 27% to 90% i have 90%. thats why i have S very low and it pops out “more” its far from crystal clear and we cant do it now but, we can do the best we can. The problem what i understand after all this years woth the blurr is that we have to mutch saturation in layers. We crank it up on the monitor so its already Very colorful when we start Cubase and on that we try to fix it in Cubase. I rhink if we CAM make it krisp with Max S: 0-20 in Cubase then we have the best we can get. There need to be a new color pallet to make it crisp for the separation on colors like a well made seperated tune :slight_smile:
[C13 Dark preff color scheme.xml|attachment] (removed)

Each user has different color settings on their display hardware and in Windows settings. So I would just make the observation that people would need to use the defaults on their system, to compare results, and even then it won’t be equal.

Also, you saved all your preferences in that preset, not just the color prefs. So users who load your file will alter their prefs globally. If they didn’t save their own preset they will have lost their settings.

Yes, i think alot of us forget the Sat levels and focus on monitor settings. Alot of us higher the total light on the monitor, and then try to fix it in Cubase that get blurry. Just fun to se if ppl get more crisp and less eye strain to lower the settings om monitor and calibrate it in cubase

but mainly, this:


Yes its just a preset for color. yes you are right, just thought people could upload it for color settings. wrong of me should have said that everyone should save their preference profile before loading this one. takes a few seconds to change them to their preferences. is in there and adjusts all the time with meters and other things. it’s the most visited menu in cubase :wink: and you’re never completely satisfied either hehe

Just learn how to save only certain prefs so people can actually use your preset. Right now it’s not safe as is.

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Sure if we all had the same eyes this would be a great idea…

But the 65 year old guy down the hall with astigmatism, and 30+ years of eye strain from staring at screens doesn’t see the same as you, the lady with light sensitivity who has to wear shades during the day doesn’t see the same as you, and the guy over there with dichromatism REALLY doesn’t see like any of us…

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How do i just save the color in preff?

I have the same, have a 27’ 1440p and 27’ 1440p its good for gamling not production for me. I need 3 monitors a 24’ 4k to Schale to 1080p for medianas synonym Msi otherstuff and one more 244k to smale down to 1080 p for vst and a 34’ 4k or bigger to scaöe down to 1080p so i get a crisp easy for the eyes setup and maby a bigger får supervision over. It can be the monitor i have now. So i am looking for monitors that Schale down without to get blurry. Or i just by a 8k and down scale to 4K of one and and buy one more. Its hard to chose a monitor if i dont have the place, i can put up a nog one 1 m from me and have 2 27 4k to 1080p for medianas and for vsti

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