Lets make this a useful forum!

This forum is messy. Every thread goes into the same forum and it is almost impossible to fint good info.

To fix this we need more sub-forums.
One forum for beginners, where threads like “How do I add an audio track?” belong
One forum for discussing bugs and other problems
one for advanced techniques discussion

do that and the forum could become useful…

It’s called “Welcome to Steinberg”.

That can be done via the lounge (soft elicenser owners can view this forum)

There are the product forums.

It takes a bit of getting used to but try clicking on the language, eg if you are in “Cubase” click English and you will see the other technical forums there more easily rather than Board Index. Also, there are hardware and general VST sub-forums that don’t require formal registration which should be enough.

Good info on what?
As far as I can see many queries are being answered at present. New members and old are involved and lately the forum has become more polite and is a pleasant place to be.
Generally the best info is still in the manual even though it has a few faults apparently.

Headers on members posts could do this by simply prefixing:
DIY is better than LSEDI for us and then complain about that. :mrgreen:
Yes, let US make it a useful forum. Or do you mean “Let THEM make it a useful forum” ?

I think it is already useful. Not perfect, but certainly useful.
I learn many new things reading posts and trying to help others. Sometimes, when I open the manual to find the answer to someone’s question, I learn about that AND usually something else new as well.
I hope I never see the thread, “How do I add a track?”
Well, seeing the responses to it may be fun!

Aloha and +1

They should split it like the Pro Tools board. Different threads for each product and then sub sections for Windows/Mac.

Even just doing the Win/Mac thing would save a lot of searching time.

Uh oh…
Here we go again…

The interactivity afforded by this forum as a whole is wonderful to behold and it is such a great thing now all the pirates are gone!

I think this forum could be more useful if there was direct continual open communication between Steinberg and this forum. Unfortunately the closest is forum moderators who at least in the past have chosen to ignore certain posts with legitimate bugs, or sometimes in other cases attempting to support what the vast majority of forum users see as a BAD feature. Example: vanishing automation points. The moderator continued to insist this was an “improvement” when almost all users asked for at the very least…an option to turn off the new feature. It’s interesting to note that this problem still has not been addressed.

I think this forum is an improvement over the old one where anyone could post.

But just look at the Reaper forum. Communication between users and developers is excellent. That could be the same here, but Steinberg apparently doesn’t want that communication to exist. They prefer a barrier with a moderator as the go-between.

Language issue perhaps? Reaper is in America. I wonder if Steinberg is more involved on the German boards… just a thought.

Steinberg are involved in the English forums. I’ve noticed posts being moved to their correct place on a regular basis.

Sure there may be an element of sterility on the whole but this may be because of a less rowdy participant base due to piracy being all but outlawed in relation to Steinberg products.

Sure, you can find fault with anything. But this forum I can live with and without changes. Lets leave
well enough alone.

The forums work for me, enough to read and learn, it’s just the search function that needs some work.

Useful? God, no. If you make it useful, I’ll stop looking here.

Part of it’s charm for me is that this is an absolutely pointless place for me to hang.

But the people are usually nice :slight_smile:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Truer words were never spoke!

Useful? A reciprocating saw is useful (dangerously useful, I might add). But I would not endeavor to exchange pleasantries with one. And certainly not attempt a casual conversation about Art (with a capital “A”) with one.

Useful indeed! I’ll take a usable “search function” any day over “useful” sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-categories. :wink:

Can you explain what is wrong with the Search function please?

It does’nt work? :wink: .

Hi Mauri,

What do you mean “doesn’t work”?

For example I type in the word “brains” and it produces a number of posts. Admittedly not everything I thought would appear does but is that not due to Moderation, when in fact the structure of the forum permits adequate maintenance to be performed, while not needing to can the whole situation as has happened in recent decades?


The problem is that nearly everything you try to search for is ‘too common’ for the filter to actually produce any results at all.