Let's start over with the New Song - IL Y A

Hi all,

Here is a new song, in French this time. This was done in collaboration with my good friend Yves Champagne. The recordings were made with Logic and Cubase in our respective houses. It was totally mixed and mastered with Cubase Pro 11 at home.


Good viewing and above all good listening!

Here is a literal translation of the French text:

There is, there is the sun

There is, there is the wind
There is the rain, and there is the rainbow

There are people
There are I like
There is everything
To make a us
There is you
To build a chain

Bonds of love to the sea
Bonds of love around the earth
Ties of love to produce children to be sown

There is you, there is me
There is us, there is you
There is everything, and everything that hell can

There are, there are the birds
There are animals
There is life, and there is the essential

There is, there is the sun
There is, there is the wind
There is the rain, and there is the rainbow,

There is, there is, there is …

Anything that idiots (maybe assholes) could do.

Wonderful! You got me at the end! I didn’t expect it. It sounds good, and it got me laughing. Welcome, and please contribute more!

Thank you! I am posting for the first time on this new forum. However, I have already offered other pieces on the old one. My idenfiant was different (rlebla). It’s now Rene_L. If you want to hear my old pieces again, here are the links:

Thank you again for your happy comment and to the pleasure.

Ce type de musique n’est pas ce que j’écoute habituellement, mais je dois dire que c’est trés bien fait.
Vous avez du vous régaler!


Pour avoir déjà entendu votre musique dont j’apprécie l’originalité peu commune, je comprends que mes productions ne soient pas le genre musical qui de prime abord vous attire.

Sincèrement, j’aime vraiment beaucoup que vous ayez pris le temps d’écouter, de même que votre commentaire.

Effectivement, nous avons eu du plaisir à réaliser cette pièce malgré la distance.