Lets talk about Cubase meters

all these meters, I have read up on all the meters and it is clear that the meters are for different environments. have a hybrid setup myself, so I know little about which levels I should set to be at the right level with the hardware.

BUT why is channel eq +6 when my mixer meter is at -12 and the control room meter is something completely different?

if I just drive completely in the box.

why is it different? if it is +6 on the channel eq and pregain 0db and 0db on the vsti instrument, then surely the mixer meter should still be at -6db if I set +12db in the settings?

now I have 3 different numbers to look at so I use supervision and insight.

so my question is how do I set cubase so that I get the same sound over everything, if I only have a track with an instrument on it or created a sine curve of -12 db and it will be completely different values on the other meters.

and which meter is best in the control room and or main meter and what are the best settings for lufs/bd and tolerance. when you’re done with everything, the whole Cubase shines like a Christmas tree with red lights on it.

I do electronic music and mix rock and other things to others, then I use more dynamics than with electronic music which I usually stay at -20_-12 RMS if I only work in daw. is it the EBU setting or the AES setting I missed? or other settings or wrong meter and wrong settings on it. it’s strange that cubase doesn’t have ready-made rough settings for different music styles and meters. quite nice to have a lufs meter to start from :slight_smile:

I don’t need a manual, but would like to have a discussion, what settings you have and how you do it to get it right everywhere.

I know it’s a noob question, but I’ve done what I could and am asking for help from everyone who works professionally with music here. and maybe you have fresh settings for different senarios that kind souls could have shared.

and a question that does not belong here. if gongon has a smart advanced cubase 12 template that is optimized and draws a little cpu because it is optimized in the routing.

grateful for helpful souls :slight_smile: