Let's talk Revoice Pro!

Any users here? Tips, tricks, workarounds, fun experiences, anyone wanna share?

I’ll start! :smile:

I had a guide vocal that did a glissando down from one held note to another, and a dub vocal that did the same but as a harmony, about a third up. As might be expected, the glissando timing wasn’t exactly the same between the two tracks.

After tuning the guide in a warp process I then did an ATP choosing “tight timing”, and lo and behold, it did a great job matching the glissando down between the two tracks!

I’m going to purposely do a test where the glissando timing is way off between them, and see how well the ATP process handles that. Somehow the two glissandos (glissandi?) weren’t too far off, so it maybe wasn’t challenged much …

FWIW, Renato at SynchroArts suggested the following to try under these circumstances:
“I have not tried this personally before, but it is worth an attempt.
Have you already tried an APT process using the Factory preset called “Inflection Transfer” then disabled Pitch and enabled Level in the Settings panel?”

I haven’t tried that, I will where I purposely make the glissando timings very different between the two harmonies.

Any one else? I would love to get a conversation going on Revoice Pro here! :slight_smile:


I unearthed a graphical bug in RVP : When trying to tilt a Pitch Block the inward pointing arrow won’t appear (even though the manual said it should). W10, Cubase Pro 12, confirmed by SynchroArts support.

Thankfully, tilting the pitch block can still occur as normal, one just has to find the correct portion at the end of the pitch block to begin the process with the left click/hold.