Letter key inserts wrong pitch & cannot delete bar


Two problems have surfaced in the attached experiment (just copying from a work to try the program out):

In measure 32 of the attached music, when I press the letter key D to insert a D on any of the four staves, Dorico inserts a C. All pitch entry via the keyboard is one note lower than the letter key.

Also, when I double-click at the beginning of this bar and use Shift+b: -1 It deletes some of the previous measure, converts the double whole note to a whole note tied to another and generally doesn’t do what I want.

Thanks for your help!

I think you forgot to attach any music. At least I can’t see any.

Is it possible that you’re entering into a B flat instrument and you’re trying to input written pitch, but ending up with sounding pitch? Dorico always assumes input in sounding pitch at the moment, even when the score is showing written pitch. We hope to improve this very soon.