Letter y with grave accent in lyrics

I need to use a letter y with a grave accent (ỳ) in some lyrics, but however I try and create/copy it, Dorico always shows it in a sanserif font which I can’t readily identify. What process should I be using to get this to work?

It will depend on whether your lyric font has that character. What are you using?

Most “Std” fonts won’t have it. Nepomuk does have it, in the correct Unicode slot (U+1EF3), but the Mac won’t ‘create’ it using Option` y or holding down Y on its own, for some reason. But copy and paste will work. I’ll have a look.

Academico, I think, but I don’t really know how to check. Whatever it is, it’s probably the default font. Copy and paste was my first recourse; but, even if I ‘launder’ it through a third-party app such as Word, the same is the result each time.

Academico doesn’t have that symbol.

(You can check – and indeed set – your lyric font in Library > Paragraph Styles.)

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I recommend Brill. It’s free, very nice, and has tons of these glyphs. I don’t know offhand if it has this one.

For commercial work, you need a licence, which is $280 for the four styles with just the Latin characters; but $225 for each weight if you want the full glyph set!!!

I would recommend Linux Libertine O, but have no idea whether it’s totally free for business use…

Oops! Apologies for the incorrect info. I had no idea.

I’m happy to pay for good fonts, but that’s a bit ridiculous.

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Confirmed: Academico does not have a ỳ (but these forum fonts do!) – so what you’re seeing is a fallback font, usually sans-serif, so it stands out. As a first resort, I would try Edit Single Lyric… and change the font of that one character to Times. That’s at least a serif font, and it comes with a very full character set.

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That’s why I recommended the other one (which is open source). It looks like Times, but… slightly better maybe (less overused… but still very common, as it’s OpenOffice’s default font, IIRC, as well as Wikipedia?)
And Nepomuk, which is my new Go-To font (congrats Benwiggy, I LOVE IT), along with Equity A for lyrics…

That’s why I recommended Nepomuk! :wink:

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