Level 41

Hi there,heres an instrumental dedicated to Level 42 its got my friend Richard Ritchie on bass again, we post audio and stuff on the net to each other and he only lives half a mile down the road from me :laughing: this was wrote many years ago and the solo at the end was from an original 4 track recording i was able to rescue thanks to the time warp tool in cubase,its a bit like looking at old photos .ive only just started working on this so it`s still rough round the edges. thanks


Yep!!very level…just love the solo at the end…


thanks Kevin ,that was done in my bedroom (amongst other things,((cough))when i lived at my parents house ,it was a little peavey special 1x12 combo and a Japanese squire strat ,i was trying to sound like Alan Holdsworth. :laughing: (mission impossible) i saw Level 42 on the pursuit of accidents tour. eeek! where does time go.

The main thing I conclude from listening to this is that you and I listened to a lot of the same stuff years ago! Although, you learned the licks a lot better than I did. I do love your playing. To even even mention Alan Holdsworth and have it make sense is a real tribute to your playing. I’m still trying to get to Leslie West. Is Level 42 a reference I’m missing? Another great tune from you!

Sweet memories, Level 42 was the first tape I bought and I had hours and hours of listening pleasure. Good stuff !!

dont knock yourself Early ,you are a lot better than you make out on that old guitar, youre a very tasty player.i dont know what you mean when you said " Is Level 42 a reference I'm missing?" Mark King is roughly my age and so probably drew on the same influences we did like Stanley Clarke etc and which also probably included Alan Holdsworths various incarnations ,Alan Holdsworths drummer Gary Husband went on to play with Level 42 after the original drummer left .And after their then second guitarist Alan Murphy died who sounded just like Alan Holdsworth.Alan Holdsworth joined Level 42 briefly, but i think mainly just to help them out through that difficult time . I think Holdsworth shaped much of the sounds of that period without actually being at the forefront in person ,every body just copied his sound ,you could hear it every where and still can today,just as a footnote even Eddie Van Halen only started tapping the neck because he was trying to sound like Holdsworth . early 80s Level 42, great melodies and great Bass slapper tons of energy.good stuff.

Ha ha! i`ve still got mine .

Good stuff, really does have an authentic Level 42 vibe. Well done. :sunglasses: