Level 44

hi there ,heres another rescue job of a 4 track recording i did in the 90s of a tune i wrote in the 80`s in the style of level 42.i used the tempo detection in cubase 6 to detect the rhythm of the original drum track and it did the job no problem, so now it is quantized i can do anything to it. i put down new guitar chords ,bass and drum machine i used all the original melody parts.thanks

Good job, nice playing and like the guitar sound :slight_smile:
I’ve got a sort of choppy guitar track from years ago that I’ve been trying to get sorted on Cubase so’s I can match it to some drums but can I eckers like do it!! :angry:


hi Kevin thanks for the reply. you have to use a track with a strongish beat on it i suppose to use tempo detection tool,ive done it before when ive had maybe 3 or 4 tracks bounced on to just one audio tape track and the tempo detection tool worked fine and then you just play the click track make sure it sounds fine and look along the time warp tool and make sure it lines up ok ,it may need tweeking here and there ,i havnt had one which has worked totally perfect yet, you still have to drag some stuff into place here and there . if the tempo detection thing wont work you can do it with the time warp tool manually, but is time consuming ,but if the song is worth the effort it`s worth the time .the time warp tool is easy once you get used to it, there is a knack to it .

Cheers, I’ll have to have another go at it…

A lot of credit for making this survive! Love your guitar playing. Does sound like it’s from another era, though. Limitations of 4-track. Amazing what you were able to do with it.

thanks Early ,always appreciate your comments and like some others have been saying it would be great to hear some new stuff from you too :slight_smile:

I agree that it sounds a bit dated but the bass was hypnotic. Great track for its genre.

Thanks for the positives chaps .