Level control on transport bar doesn't work

Hi all!
In cubase 9.5, if I move the fader of the level control on the transport bar (in the bottom transport panel as the attached image, but also in the floating transport bar) no effects on the output level of the project!! Why?
Please help me!
Maybe this was solved before, but I can’t find any help using search function on this forum!
Thank you so much!
level control transport_bar.jpg


Do you use Control Room or not?

No, I don’t!


If you are not using Control Room, this is the same as the Stereo Out (the Main) fader. If you move this slider, can you see the movement of the Stereo Out fader in the MixConsole? And vice versa? Is the Stereo Out marked as a a Main Out (orange speaker) in the Audio Connections > Outputs?

I was away for a while, sorry.
Thank you all for your replies!