level depending recording

I have to transfer a lot of material from analog multitracktapes. What I am searching for is a record function that is level depending, as I want to save HD space as well as having a better workflow for later manipulation. Anyone any idea?

I’m not sure I understand, but it doesn’t sound like it makes a lot of sense. You’re not going to save any space by changing the level, unless you’re talking about going from 24-bit to something less. But then on the other hand the tradeoff is that as you record with fewer bits you have less dynamic range and either then bring up the noise or increase the risk of clipping.

So why not just record at 24-bits and be done with it? I don’t think there is any “level dependent” recording function other than slapping a compressor/limiter before the converter input.

Or am I missing something?

Easy enough to do this post record. Use the command Audio -> Advanced -> Detect Silence. Once you’ve stripped out all the “silent” parts then go into the pool and choose to minimize files.

Just to add, I did this yesterday, works extremely well.

Thanks for your input. Maybe I did not make my point clear enough. My goal is to put the system in record above a defined threshold level. But the way I do it now is inspired by liklystory, thanks for that. After I use the “detect silence” function I render the whole track or better said the single events that are regions of the original file to new files. The original file can than be erased.

Now the picture is clearer…

I don’t really see any way this can be done without getting into electronics yourself. For example; you could probably build a cheap detector circuit (like ones in compressors) using commonly found schematics, and then have that output a signal to either trigger record or stop. If you have some device that can trigger record/stop with a foot pedal for example you might be able to trigger that on/off signal via that detector device.

I think it’s entirely possible, but ultimately I wonder if it’s worth while.

Hello MattiasNYC,
the level depending record function is a common feature in other programms like wavelab or AMS Audiofile. So it is a sw issue.

It’s easier to select the tracks in the project window, use the key command “find in pool”, and then then right-click on the files in the pool and choose to minimize them. That will re-write the files to only contain the audio which is actually used in the project window.

Ok, well, to my knowledge the feature may be common in those programs, but those programs aren’t particularly common.

I understand what you’re saying now though, so I suppose you could add this to feature requests. Also, I’m then wondering if it’s possible to just write a VST plugin that you place on the input channel and which sends out the record/stop commands via midi. Seems like it should be possible.