Level discrepency between Nuendo & other DAWs


seldom poster here. I’ve been doing some testing recently around different immersive formats, and came across a playback level difference that is probably user error, I wanted to check here.

I have 12 192kHz/24 bit aiff mono files that are part of an Auro-3D session. Dragged them into the pool and into separate tracks, routed accordingly, played back. All sounds great. Did the same thing in Davinci Resolve and played back from Fairlight, sounds like about a 6dB difference (Nuendo being louder). Muted everything and just tested the L/R tracks - same. Dropped the L/R files into Sonic Studio to check - playback was identical to Fairlight, e.g. lower than Nuendo.

To be fair I’m not as fluent in v10 as I was in 7/8, maybe there have been some changes or I’ve somehow duplicated the signal somehow to result in the higher playback level.

Any ideas where I might want to look?


If you’re on Windows - Davinci uses WDM drivers and Nuendo ASIO, maybe that’s the difference between WDM and ASIO levels and you just have lower level on windows default playback device?

Are you outputting through Nuendo’s Control Room?
And are you, by any chance, also outputting through Nuendo’s “outputs” directly?
Maybe this (accidental) sum of 2 identical signals explains the 6dB boost?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

This is a classic, happens from time to time. Thats what I would check first.

WDM V Asio should give the same levels. They always have on my systems.

I’m on a Mac, so it’s not a driver issue.

I think it might be the Control Room thing. I’m unfamiliar with it but will break out the manual and go through the configuration to make sure I don’t accidentally have a duplicate output path set up.

Thanks for the suggestions!

You can switch off the control room, as a start. :slight_smile:

Most common fault is you have a direct output setup in addition to the control room, that’ll give you 6dB more volume.