Level reduction after rendering

Hi there,
I’ve got a newbie question. I’m editing a vinyl album rip as a single file.
At first I raised the maximum peak to -0,1db. Then set markers for tracking and used auto-split. After that I rendered with some EQ in the mastering rig (audio montage). But now on the rendered file the level is -0,312db.
Again sorry for the stupid question. I’ve been trying for hours now.
Is there a way to tell the software to have the highest album peak at -0,1db after rendering & mastering applied?
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If you rendering has any plugin (that includes resampling), the peaks will mostly be modified.

I don’t beleive so. I just use Equalizer A on the master rig and resampling is turned off.

Sorry, but this is false. Any DSP process will modify samples, by definition, hence will likely modify the peaks.
Any processing meant to manage the peaks should be done at the very end of the edit session.

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You need to perform your final limiting and/or clipping LAST in the chain…

Thanks a lot for your advice!
I’m coming from Audacity and now struggeling a lot. But I’ve read a lot about mastering and understand several things better now.
I’ve got one final question: Should I dither my files? Source are 24bit vinyl rips. I use high pass filtering and EQ in the master rig, plus 10ms crossfades between the tracks. In the settings ‘plugin processing’ is set to 64 bit float and temporary data set to 32 bit float. Target is 24 bit flac.
Would you recommend dithering, and if yes, what type of noise shaping? I found conflincting information on if it is necessary at all for 24 bit target.

The noise floor at 24-bit is INCREDIBLY low… nobody will ever hear it. That being said, processing in Wavelab is all done at 64-bit float or 32-bit float, so as far as adding dither, I usually add it. If going to 24-bit FLAC, dither at 24-bit. It’s pretty much irrelevant though because the noise floor is so far down there… Dither becomes a lot more important when working with short bit rates where the noise floor is much higher in level (16-bit, or especially 8-bit). The less bits, the more important dither is.


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