Level too low on mics on UR816C

Can’t figure out why mics outputs are very low.

I have 3 mics and trying to record some acoustic guitar. Mics are positioned just right near instrument.

Those are:
Shure 57
Shure 58

With AKG2035 I can almost get a normal signal (track Guitar L on screenshot attached) - and that is with +48V on and pre-amp dialed to 3 o’clock (almost all the way).

However, with Shure mics (those are dynamic) with preamp dialed all the way to the up I can’t get signal past -30db.

Can someone let me know what the problem might be?

Ideally I would want to record between -18 and -10 I’d say and those wayforms should be way thicker.

Thank you.

Because the input signal is low. You are using the XLR inputs on the interface, aren´t you?

If you want the waveforms thicker, use the waveform zoom.

Yes, XLR. There’s nothing else to increase as preamp is maxed out on interface ? …

The zoom is not an issue I just need audio to be as loud as possible, so guitar would sound with less noise, thick and loud.

Just raise the gain on the audiowav after the recording, it’s digital so no additional noise