Levels and Limiting

I have one project that looks and sounds normal but outputs audio wav files in the red, even though I have lowered the default audio level to -2.25db. I was expecting some type of limiting on the output.

Has anyone else had this issue?

UPDATE: I can’t tell that the audio output level is having any effect on the output wav file levels.

Since this is an orchestra score, I don’t want to “fix” by changing all the dynamic levels.


By default (I think) Dorico puts a compressor on the output - you could tweak that. Or replace it with any of a number of tools that are bundled with Dorico (or use your own 3rd party tools).

Not my area of expertise, but there are many here who are experts.

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Thanks. I did just realize that after changing the default output level, even though you click Apply, you still have to select Play | Apply Default Output Level.

I guess this will be OK, but I wish I didn’t have to keep doing trial-and-error output level changes. It would also be nice to be able to type a number since the slider is hard to control.

Are you aware you can insert various mastering tools already provided by Steinberg? There’s a decent limiter:


I think that comes with Dorico, although I have Cubase installed as well. In any case, you can use any third party limiter or compressor.

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The default output level only affects new projects. For existing projects, you have to lower the Master Level yourself in the mixer zone.

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