Levels not reacting.

I thought maybe this was my imagination, when it happened before, but today, I was trying to bring down the sound of an oboe against a flute.

I marked the bar “ppp”, saved several times, but didn’t hear much effect from it. I finally closed Dorico and reopened it, and magically it was working the way I expected…

Not the first time I noticed a mark not affecting the sound until later. I was working on another part and reopened Dorico later and it seemed to be working then.

I’m in Write mode, using the playback if this is factor. But really, I hope it isn’t necessary to go out of write mode to hear a change.

This is a known issue at the moment that edits to dynamics don’t take effect until you next open the score. I think adding dynamics is ok, it’s just editing existing ones that doesn’t yet update.