Levon Helm

Another great, near the final curtain.

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Smoking sucks.



Another piece of americana (which I love) disappears…barring a miracle :frowning: .


This is sad to hear.
Levon own’s a modern barn/studio nearby in Woodstock NY and has had ‘Midnight Ramble’s’ there for years, where he invites some notable musicians to come jam and they make recordings of them.
I’ve heard that they had seating for up to 100 locals to show up and watch.
A handful of the players he’s had up there are:
Donald Fagen, Natalie Merchant, John Sebastian, Warren Haynes, Jimmy Vivino, Marc Cohn, Ray LaMontagne,
Hot Tuna, Robert Plant, Bruce Hornsby, Jack DeJohnette, Joan Osborne, Kris Kristofferson, Marshall Krenshaw, Norah Jones, and many others…

Apparently he’s been touring steadily all along, and having these rambles when he’s not touring.
What a beautiful place. Check out the slideshow. I’d say he really knew how to live the musical life!

Godspeed, Levon.

there was a connection in my hometown hamilton in the very beginning. he took drum corps lessons from the same guy I did, good ol’george, we all got our sense of humour from george. no one really knew much about levon until he started a band loosely called helm and the hawks. they played the grange lounge every weekend. they were heady days back then when the hamilton/toronto corridor was the center of the musical universe when it came to future stars. everyone from rush, to martha and the muffins to daniel lanios. thats how I know I’m old :blush:

Hi Lenny,

Is that the former Bearsville studio?

No. Bearsville Studios was in Bearsville NY, just west of Woodstock, on Mink Hollow Rd, hence the
name of Todd’s solo album, Hermit Of Mink Hollow.

Interesting story, Bob. You reminded me that I need to go see what
Daniel Lanois has been up to. I always loved the flavor he brings to
whatever he’s involved in. He did a masterful job producing that first
Robbie Robertson solo album, with Broken Arrow and Fallen Angel on it.
That album would probably be one of my ‘desert island’ albums!

Just got the news.

R.I.P. Levon.



RIP Levon :cry: :sunglasses:


talking to some of my old friends last night, in the late 60’s conway twitty and dylan actually came here to jam with levon. he spent more time here with canuks than I even knew about, cool.
ya daniel started in his moms basement just a few blocks from where I was living, lol his mom was the manager and egg cartons were on the walls. later became grant avenue studios, where robertson and u2 secretly did work. joshua tree with lanois and eno is still my fav production, and yes that robertson album is always in my hip pocket. “down at nicks cafe…the wind just kinda pushed me this way”, classic