Lexicon ionix fw810 s suddenly not working with Cubase Elements

Hi everyone, newbie here. I´ve been using an iMac with Cubase Elements with a Lexicon ionix fw810 s interface. Its been working without any problems but now suddenly Cubase wont find the ionox. I have installed the drivers for the inonix again but no help. I´ve cleande the contacts with some Electronics cleaner but no go. The ionix is like eight years old and maybe Cubase Elements just dont work with that old soundcard, but I dont Think I did upgrade the Cubase or anything prior to the problem. Anyone who has any idea what to do? I really like the ionix and i dont wanna buy a new interface.

Hi and welcome,

Cubase just overtake the system driver. Can you see the device on the system level? Do you have the very latest driver installed?

What happened when it stopped to work? Any system update?