Lexicon Lambda Headphones issue....

I am currently using Lexicon Lambda with Cubase LE5 and can not get any sound from my headphones. I have tried multiple sets of head phones. I have already spoke with Tech support and they had me return the first Lambda. I am on my second Lambda and still no sound with headphones. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do the phones show as an output port in VST Connections? How about the unit’s control panel? Does the mix knob on the device make a difference re: Direct and Playback?

I have played with the the Lambdas playback and direct knob and still nothing. Will try VST setting now

Don’t believe the setting in Cubase matter. I can play my guitar through the Lambda and hear it through the monitors even when Cubase is not open, shouldn’t I be able to plug headphones in the Lambda and hear through them?

Yes, if the knob is set to Direct.

Did you go to their forum to see if it’s a common issue?

Nothing really on forum. I’ll keep looking. Thanks for the help.