lexicon MPX problemo

Hi…has anyone out there got a Lexicon MPX 1 ?
If you have can you tell me why I can play my guitar through and hear it ok but but it’s absolutely dry, can I ekerslike get any effects on it…tried everything in the manual but I must be missing something…or it’s a dud.
any help mucho appreciated, thanks…Kevin

soft or hardware ?

Hi…hardware, version 1.10 software is in it…is that what you mean? or is there a software (ie plugin) mpx that I don’t know about?..thanks for looking in…Kevin

cause there is a Lexicon MPX software, VST Plugin ! just Reverb let say it’s a light version of PCM native Reverb, but very good for the price (between 50 & 90 €)

Hi, I hope you have been able to sort your problem? I have one of these and use it for PA duties so have not tried it on my guitar. If you need me to try anything I will try to help.

Hi Bob and thanks for looking in, got it sorted ok it was the bypass button coupled with my lack of affinity with anything with multifunction buttons on it…Kevin