Lexicon MX400 issues in C6


I can’t get my Lexicon MX400XL to work inside C6 as a VST.

Error Message: “MX400 unavailable”

It worked in Cubase 5, I could make the setting recommened by Lexicon:
“de-select the Lexicon MX-400 control port as an Input or Output device for MIDI communications”

I can’t get it to work under C6 although all midi ports are disabled in the MIDI in/out settings.

I hope you can help.

Have you tried it in Cubase 6-32 bit? As far as I have been able to figure out, the MX400 VST is only available as a 32 bit VST. This is a call Lexicon issue, not a Steinberg one. My MX400 VST shows up, but doesn’t work in C 64, but it does work fully and as expected in C 32.

BTW, the hardware works just fine as an external FX in C 64 so you can still use it. It’s only the VST controller that doesn’t work. Meaning, you can’t change the settings from within Cubase. But, you CAN run the MX-Edit software in the background, with Cubase running, too, so you can set it up to your heart’s content. The only problem with that is, of course, Cubase will not remember your settings, so you’ll have to save them manually and remember to set the unit up the way you want each time you load a project and want to use different settings.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Rtorstrick. Is it possible to use the C6 32 Bit Version on a 64 Bit PC system ?

If yes, what are the disadvantages ?

I went though some threads and decided to install C6 32 bits on my Win 7 64 bit system.
Works great. The only disadvantage is the 4 GB RAM limitation.

I’m glad you got it working.