Lexicon Omega, bundled cubase LE and imac? incompatible?

Excuse me if this has been covered, I have searched but can’t find my problem anywhere. I recently upgraded to an imac, with 10.10 yosemite OS X, I record using cubase LE 5 and a Lexicon Omega sound card and licenser, this setup works fine on the latest windows OS, but in yosemite it just gives me white noise when I try to monitor, full input meters, and no sound recorded when I record. The lexicon works as the sound card for garageband and audacity just fine, but all of my projects are in cubase, which, of course is the item that’s rebelling… I’d be very very thankful for anyone who has any ideas how to get to the bottom of this!


Did you manage to find a fix for this? I have the same problem and its driving me crazy!

No, unfortunately not, I’m still using my old PC, with my lovely new imac reduced to answering emails… I’m desperate to work out what the problem is but I’m chasing my tail round in circles, losing a LOT of valuable time and getting nowhere … infuriating