Lexicon Omega drivers load, but no audio

I have a Lexicon Omega that had been working on my old Gateway NV54 that was running Windows 7 64-bit. However that laptop died a month ago. I bought a Dell XPS 15, also running Windows 7 64 bit (but Ultimate this time). I’m getting no audio at all coming through.

I installed from the disk first, then downloaded the update from the Lexicon website. I also reset the unit (twice) but that wasn’t the problem.

The Omega seems to register when I plug it in and the various software I’m trying to use seems to see it - however, no audio is coming through.

Any ideas, or suggestions?

Have you gone through the standard connection procedures for configuring your device inside your DAW? If you’re simply using the Lexicon with the computer, does it show up under your devices: Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Device Manager? (That’s the path on my Vista anyway).