lexicon pcm native reverb 64 bit

I installed lexicon under . . .programme(x86). I think, there´s no way to install it additional to another path.
Now it run´s in cubase 32 bit, but not in 64 bit. what can be wrong ?

kindly regards

not at my music pc just now, but i think i had to use jbridge or the cubase bridge to get these to work in cubase 64 bit. will have a look tomorrow when back in studio.

It clearly says at http://www.lexiconpro.com/product.php?id=163#specs this is fully 64-bit, so it should have also had the option to install a 64-bit and a 32-bit version simultaneously at setup.
Copy Protection is iLOK, so I cannot see why you can’t simply re-run setup & install the 64-bit version?

on my system, they run inside jbride or i guess cubase bridge if you don’t have jbridge. i don’t recall a 64 bit option during install and don’t see 64 bit versions in my usual folders. the website link says they are compatible with 64 bit but doesn’t say they ARE 64 bit… ed

still not 64 bit. read this:

Mea Culpa - sorry for the bad there and thanks for the clarification.
I’m still in 32-bit land personally…

hi neil; you’re right though. a quck glance at lexicons table would make anyone think the plugins are 64 bit. not clear at all…at least you made me go back and check! ed

Hallo guy´s,

I thank you all for posting this. By the way, I really thougt, that lexicon runs at pc 64 bit. Nothing at lexicon homepage informs us the really “pcm native - world” . . . what a pitty :frowning:
So I wish the upgrade for pc will come soon