Lexicon PCM Vintage Plate

Lexicon PCM Vintage Plate isn’t rendered correctly in WL9 Pro. It sounds strange and phasing with no reverb but some metallic sound colour. Random Plate seems to render fine. Generally the handling of the Lexicon plug ins is difficult. It feels like something is producing a huge time lag. Sometimes one or two seconds pass until a change is visible and audible - with no other plug ins running.
I’m on Yosemite 10.10.5, WL9 Pro 9.0.15

Did you ask Lexicon?

Not yet … the plug ins run fine in other apps. You think the problem is on their side?
I will try rendering in other audio editors and check if it runs fine.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Lexicon never tested with WaveLab specifically. They probably just tested it with Cubase and called it OK for VST2/VST3. It seems that you really need to encourage some plugin companies to test specifically with WaveLab, especially the smaller developers.

Updates from Lexicon are rare.
And btw. the time lags while using certain plug ins are also present e.g. with Eventide UltraVerb. I just upgraded to WL9 Pro and haven’t checked many plug ins with it so far.

I doubt it but just in case and for other Wavelbab users FYI:

look at post 3497.

Is Yosemite supported?

They don’t even support Windows 10…yet. Users say it works, but it’s not supported by Lexicon.

My Wavelab Lexicon problem with presets was never addressed.

But the upgrade to WL9 fixed it. :laughing: