Lexicon Reverb Phantheon

Hi guys , don’t mean to double post this , but the OLD Section for Cubase seems pretty dead haha.

Hi , So I totally want to use the Lexicon Reverb that came with my CUBASE LE5 ,

Any tips on how I could perhaps get a simple Laid Back Reverb ?

I am doing DIRECT RECORDINGS , So their is NO Natural Room Reverb/Acoustics influencing the sound of the music.

So far all the default settings all sound like I am in a LOUD TRAIN TUNNEL Of Echos

I would consider my music basically a NIRVANA Grunge Alternative like. Any suggestions ?

That same reverb came with older versions of Sonar, and I really liked it’s sound. I still have it, but unfortunately it ONLY works in Sonar. I was trying to find a Lexicon replacement for it. The Lexicon PCM Native Reverb bundle is 50% off right now which brings it’s price down to $299. There is also the more affordable LXP Native Bundle which is $99. Both are available at Lexicon’s website.

Another much more affordable, yet really popular and well liked, reverb plugin is Valhalla Room. It’s $50, and worth every penny. If you are specifically looking for that vintage Lexicon sound, then go with the Vintage Verb by Valhalla.

I honestly don’t own any of those plugins, but I know that you won’t regret any of them. My personal favorite reverb is Aether by 2CAudio. I actually own that, and it’s a tweaker’s dream, plus I have a ton of presets because I bought all of their preset packages. I also own Pro R by Fabfilter. It’s an excellent reverb plugin. It’s also highly tweakable, but maybe not as much as Aether. One thing that I like about it more than Aether is it’s interface, but then again, EVERYTHING by Fabfilter has an awesome GUI!!!

All of the reverbs that I just mentioned are all algorithmic. I like algorithmic reverbs better, but if you want a convolution reverb, I would go with one of the following 3:

  1. Liquid Sonic’s Seventh Heaven Professional
  2. Waves IRA1
  3. Altiverb 7

These are all somewhat pricey, especially Altiverb which goes for around $595.

If I were you, I would first figure out how much money I want to spend, and then Google all of the ones I mentioned. There’s plenty of videos and sound examples for all of them. The cheapest way out is Valhalla. When it comes to the biggest bang for your buck, you really can’t beat them.

Maybe you need to reduce the mix level. It may be at 100% wet by default to work as a send FX.
If you use it in an insert then you must balance the dry to wet level.

oh…and if you don’t want echo turn everything in the echo section to zero!