LFE Routing

I have posted a few time about my issues with Nuendo 11 and the LFE.

-I can insert a send on an object channel to the LFE, and no signal passes to the LFE

-If the audio track output is routed directly to the LFE only (instead of the 7.1.4 output bus), There is meter movement but no sound. No audio reaches the output.

-If I make a copy of a track that needs to be an object, and need it also sent to the LFE, then any send to the LFE in the vst panner dialog also included the direct signal to the 7.1.4 bus. Instead of the desired Only To LFE and not also the entire bed.

in this image, the send to the LFE is also sending signal to the center channel.

What can be done to fix the behavior of the LFE?

Again, Nuendo 10 behaves correctly.


Normally when you work with the LFE channel it has not its own sound but is based on the content from the other channels and normally you use left, center and right channel and use its contents to do the LFE channel.

No, not “normally”
That is what you do if you try to extend the low end using the LFE.

In post that is a no no.

It can create quite big issues with fold-downs and also affect low end signal level in many viewing situations if you do that.

That is why we in post mostly use dedicated LFE sounds that are NOT derived from the main channels. If we du want to get it from the front channels it is generally via a low frequency extender plugin. We do this to make certain the phase relationship is different enough so it won’t cause issues.

You CAN do what you suggested IF you filter out those same frequencies from the front (basically creating a fake bass management setup).
But considering most cinema subwoofers are pretty slow it will rarely sound as intended while mixing “out in the wild”

Also note that LFE stands for Low Frequency Effects. It is not intended as a general low frequency extender speaker but as a channel that makes sound go “oumpf”.

But Again. Cinema vs. Music. If Steinberg want to make any inroads in the Immersive Music world, Then they have to stop framing every conversation from the viewpoint of the movie mixer, and consider the music market. Millions of people are using DAWs to make immersive music only releases. The $60 version of Reaper can already do most of what is needed in the Immersive world. When they get the Atmos Renderer to work in the App…Steinberg won’t get new customers in that market. So,I want to help get Nuendo there. I have been using it for over 20 years. There are a handful of things that could be addressed that would make a huge difference. But only if viewed from the lease of music production and not film.
360RA? Auro-3D? MPEG-H?

I cannot get Nuendo 11 to work for me for music projects. 10.3 has a lot of work arounds. But they work.

People keep using the word “Normally”. Unfortunate. Creativity, and client, do not live in “Normally”
In the 60’s, one would not ever Normally put the kick drum mic close to the kick, One would not intentionally distort a guitar, or grab the flanges of tape reel when recording…

The LFE send in 10.3 works. I can send to the LFE out as needed. pre or post fader. Depending on the project. With N11, I can put in the send, but the signal flow is broken.

What I am asking for here is to fix what is broken.

If you are mixing film (or anything) and don’t want the signal in the LFE, then don’t put it there. Simple. If one is worried about signal getting into the LFE without knowing about it, then you probably have other, bigger issues…

btw…Please please stop using the term 9.1 to reference 5.1.4 or 7.1.2. They are not all the same. 9.1 means 9 speakers on the floor and an LFE.
It is concussing to anyone on the receiving end of those files. And not industry standard.


Apologies. Auto Spell correct. I meant “Confusing” at the end of the last post. not “concussing”

You can use the edit function, you know?

“Normally” we would use the edit function…

As far as I understand it,
you should avoid the LFE for general musical content… but it is ok for low frequency content as an effect

So what is exactly your problem, that the signal goes to the center as well?
I don’t understand it…

So we cannot use normally, but you are ok with Industry standard :wink:

I’ve read your topic and replies a couple of times, but I fail to understand the problem.

You say ‘signal flow is broken’, but in your screenshot I see it flowing to the LFE. So, Isn’t there any Audible signal coming from your LFE (in the room) or isn’t there any signal flowing to your physical output despite your routing? Have you checked your connections or CR to make sure it is actually routed to the LFE?

I was able to figure this out while using N11 to mix in Dolby Atmos. Hopefully I understand your question correctly. I too want to use the LFE track for music while only using objects. You should already have a 7.1.2 Group you are using as the initial BED track. Press F4 to bring up the I/O page and select the Group tab. There should be a group called 7.1.2 probably. Right-click it and select “add child bus” and then select “ all mono outputs”. Now when you select a send from an object you should be able to select the LFE channel of the 7.1.2 bus.