LFO Cycle Interuppted Dubstep Wobble Bass

Hey I use the standard Cubase synth (Prologue) to make wobble basses for dubstep tracks, but when the wobble goes, if it stops half way through a “wob,” (lets say I cut the note short) when the bass starts playing again, it starts the wob at the point it left off at as the lfo hasnt completed a full cycle. This is how it would sound: wobblewobblewobb rest lewobblew rest obblewobblewobble. This makes it sound out of time. How do you make it so each time a note is played the wobble starts over? I have tried selecting the Punch and Retrigger buttons but they dont seem to help (or do anything that is noticable for that matter : P).

You need to sync the lfo using key or midi, key will ensure the lfo cycle starts from the beginning of it’s cycle each time a note is played whereas midi will sync lfo rate to tempo. Unfortunately Prologue won’t do both so not the best choice for dubstep. NI’s massive is popular for this application and there are some free ones out there that’ll do the job too :slight_smile:


But, how do I sync them? And what are the names of these other programs cause I really dont want to spend $200 to get Massive :smiley:


about 1:10 in :laughing:

In prologue, in the lfo tab on the left is a radio button with four options, part, midi, voice and key. Those are the sync settings. Re free vst synth that wobbles, Tal electro isn’t too bad.