LFO & other modulation sources to drive automation

I’d like to have the ability to create modulation modules that any parameter which can be automated can use as a source. These should include all the usual suspects - LFOs of various flavors, noise, triggered envelopes - plus the ability to do complex routing and combining of signals.


Probably a duplicate, but +1. Let’s make Cubase competitive in the automation department.

After a quick search I only saw it mentioned in open ended non-specific feature requests. I thought it deserved a thread all its own. Probably was one in the C8 forum, but that’s history now.

I’m always baffled when I see posts along the lines of “Stuff I’d like to see in Cubase.” Folks don’t seem to realize that threads like that are the best way to bury their request… Aw heck I decided to turn it into a major rant. Be smart, limit suggestions to 1 & only 1 per thread - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

+1. Been thinking a lot of this as well. Could include some math functions as well, for example a triggered decaying sine wave pulse.

This is a good example of such things: Fruity Envelope Controller - Generator



Could be an awesome companion even if only for the bundled Cubase tools.

Just plop a midi driven LFO on to an EQ band.

Or spruce up the delay plugin in a way thats a bit more effective (imo) than ModMachine.


lfo /gate +1


It would be cool to control any parameter via LFO rather than automation. Even control the LFO by another LFO.

e.g. control the sweep of DualFilter with LFO 1; use LFO 2 to control the rate of LFO 1.

This is possible in VST synths (Serum), but it would be amazing to manipulate audio just within Cubase.

A big +1 to it all, but especially to LFOs sending automation signals.


LFOs, but don’t forget triggered envelopes too.

yes! and for all LFO/ENV Thing look inspiration look at:


And here’s the link I’m sure they meant to include in the post. :wink:

I wonder if this can control something like a MixConsole Panner or Send Level?

I know one surefire way to get this capability implemented in Cubase - I buy this thing.

i achieved something like that using quick controls , iac and Blue Cat’s DP Meter Pro but not tried with lfotool.
i guess it can be done. But the problem i faced was that cubase writes the automation even with: 0% reduction very square so i couldn’t take advantage of precision for quick rates. So i simple don’t use it. Everything integrated and occurate would be awsome both for users and marketing purposes : )

YES >>>>>

Right now Cubase has the best MIDI routing Base Feature Set - but the functionality was never developed near the level of other DAWS

With couple minor tweaks in how the MIDI is routed between MIDI channels and VST instances, Cubase could easily be the leading DAW in Modulation

There needs to be only 2 things added to cubase

1 Positive and Negative Adjustment for Amount of the Source Modulation
2 MIDI CC Mapping between any and all parameters ( ie. MIDI Controller can control the intensity of …anything such as… AUTO LFO that is Controlling any other parameter at the same time )

I could use this, too.

I’d like to also have it respond to audio signals, if I may add this request here. So I can build advanced ducking LFOs and stuff like that.



So… what are the nuts and bolts?

Would Cubase supply it’s own LFO/EG/SH generator module which would act as the ‘control voltage’?

Or does the VST spec require updating so that any MIDI (or audio) signal can be used as a control source for any automation parameter?

IOW: perhaps this requires Cubase to develop a patching system analogous to a modular synth where basically -any- signal can be routed to any parameter (CC or automation)

I imagine that’s a heavy lift given how Cubase seems to differentiate so strongly between different -types- of signals.