LFO routing in Cubase - is it possible?

So say I have a parameter on an insert, and I want a sinusoidal/square/etc. movement to it. Is there any way to do this without automation (which would result in many automation points)? Could I use something like auto LFO to drive it, or is there some other function in Cubase that’d allow me to do this? Thanks!

Nope, nothing like that is built in. It’s on many people’s wish list.

This may be of help?

I think this would be the closest thing for MIDI, but I haven’t gotten it to work myself.

Hm, yeah I can see in theory how using QC’s would work but I also can’t quite get it going.

Seems to me that Cubase would benefit from internal modulation sources that can be tied to plugin parameters (and, I suppose, interpreted as host automation data). Those modulation sources could, in turn, be controlled by/performed with MIDI (key presses to LFO reset, note value to automation value, etc.).

I’m sure people could do a lot of great things with that kind of functionality.

Until then, this is why I spend half my time in Reason 9! :laughing:

Works great. I use it with VST, VSTi, Hardware synths, even modular.

How do you set it up in C9? The Cableguys guide just doesn’t work for me. No note data comes through.

Provided you have available some kind of MIDI Loopback, you can use the Auto LFO MIDI plugin (on a MIDI track, therefore), routed to the MIDI Loopback Send, and then pilot QuickControls, in the Device Setup menu, from the MIDI Loopback Return.

Do you mean a virtual midi cable? That wouldn’t be ideal since then the project will only play properly on a computer with that same setup.

On PC that would be the case (Mac has its own IAC Bus… specifically for that purpose). But there are freeware MIDI Loopback apps easily available… you’d only need to reset the MIDI routing from the MIDI track and to the Quick Controls.

This is how I set it up. I’m still on 8.5 but it should work on 9 I assume.

First I put MidiShaper as an insert on an Audio Track
Second I point the input routing of a midi track to the Midi Shaper of the audio track
Third Choose a Midi CC in the Midi Shaper.
There should be activity in the Midi Track now.
Put Monitor to ON on the Midi track otherwise you loose activity when selecting another track.

Fourth Set the Output Routing of the Midi Track to your Synth, FX or whatever.
Or, use the Midi Sends for this purpose. That way you can set up 4 Synths, whatever simultaneously.

Seems I can upload 3 attachments only but the fourth step is obvious I hope.


Thanks for that guide, I’ll try it out. Off-topic: were you actually one of the people who used Psycle?