"LFO Tool" styled tool?

Hi there,

Okay, so here’s my latest feature request. I know that implementing true sidechain compression could possibly involve a complete rewrite of Cubasis’ code. However, sidechain compression is something many of us need (especially those of us who produce EDM music). So, what’s a good solution that’s both good for producers like me AND is relatively easy on devs? An effect similar to XFer’s “LFO Tool”, Nicky Romero’s “Kickstart”, and Cableguys’ Volumeshaper.

In other words, it’s a repeating volume envelope that simulates the sidechain compression effect without the need for an external signal! You can adjust the shape of the “sidechain envelope” (whether you need to duck simple transients or to have the full on pumping effect), set how often it repeats (the default value being quarter notes), etc.

For reference, here are the aforementioned plugins…


Charge an IAP of $4.99, $9.99, or hell, even $14.99, and you’ll get my money instantly.

(Also, side note, can you allow us to reorder effects slots please? Thanks. :slight_smile: Cheers.)