LFO Tool/VPS Mini Chain not working on Fx Channel

Am I doing something wrong? I have Arts Acoustic reverb set up on a fx channel and mini chain from VPS to get some pumping reverb. Nothing, nada. No pumping happening. I’ve tried different reverb plugins, LFO tool in place of VPS mini chain, no luck. On Cubase 10.5.12. I don’t recall this issue in 10.0, but I don’t typically set up Fx sends that often.

the answer is yes :smiley:

what are you trying to do? do you want to make a pumping effect on the reverb effect only or something else?

why don’t you open up your old 10.0 project in 10.5 to see what you did to get it working? I am sure you will make it “work” again :wink: sometimes it can be just the most simple oversight