LFO we could assign to any quick control - feature request

It would be great if the new quick controls on the top of the plugins had an LFO built into it. Then we could assign that LFO to any of the quick controls. So if want to randomly change the release I can without having to get to know the synth in question. Just assign the release to a quick control and then the LFO to that quick control.

It would be useful for making slight changes to a sound to add interest without writing a lot of automation.

Obviously everyone should know their plugins but when coming up with ideas at speed it would be a nice addition.

I was hoping this new fx modulation thing would be able to automate any parameter in the daw . Maybe they might update it in the future.

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Yes that would be good. I really just want a method to automate any/some parameter with some form of LFO :slight_smile: