LH or RH text - or any text in custom position

I want to show the top 4th to be played with right hand - I’ve found the text tool and I can achieve that, but I can’t move it around to where it makes any sense.
I can only have it above or below the staff, which is too ambiguous.
Any ideas?

If you’ve got Dorico Pro, you can move it graphically wherever you like in Engrave mode. (You may want to disable collision avoidance so Dorico doesn’t continue to allocate vertical space for it in that case.)

You may also want to use a vertical line with a hook at the bottom end to clarify the notes to be played by the right hand.

Thanks Lillie - I didn’t realise that.
just go into Engrave mode and grab the item. Brilliant!

This applies to everything - it’s a core philosophical distinction between the modes.