lib creator atributes

idk… I think there is an issue with the saving of attributes… (author, category, etc…)
(Red triangle in library creator when importing preset)

(when i export the preset as hal layer preset from the program tree, the attributes are not exported with it)

or am i doing something wrong?


From the manual:
12. Select the VST Sound container in the Structure section and drag all preset into the Content section.

This does not work.

I can drag the exported layer file into the contect section, but it is missing all attributes.

the layer export does not work. It does not save attributes.(or all layers i think)


Ideal scenario:

  1. choose for what synth (halion sonic, halion or halionsonic se)
  2. add pictures and name of library.
  3. add presets
    4: done.

Hi ggc.

Yes, you are right. Attributes are not exported with HSSE layers

But after reading the tutorial in manual several times, I’m not sure they are supposed to.
It says create your instrument with quick controls, macro page… and export as HSSE layers.

Load each layer into Halion Sonic slot and save it as a program with tags and attributes.

I wouldn’t bother tagging the presets until you get to this stage (saving them in Halion Sonic).
You can save all programs at once and assign the same attributes to all of them, or you can do it one by one.

hi misohoza=)

i am in bed and my daw is off atm…

but, firstly, thank you for your solidarity and help…

let me try to explain from memory… (will defo respond again after an apt i have tomorrow and am able to start up again)

this is how i did it:

  1. make program
  2. save program
  3. export as layers hsse . - here i rightclick the top tier of the program tree and press export.
  4. goto lib creator - choose pics, give names etc.
  5. drag layer to content field - now i get red triangles about missing attributes - ( i drag the layer file because i cannot drag any presets into this field like step 12 in the manual says )

So, I cannot drag any presets to the content field, only the layer preset gets accepted with red triangles. ( i only export one layer preset from the top tier-. do i need to export multiple layer files=?)

conclusion- cannot drag presets to content field, red triangle attribute issues and “unused samples” error".

p.s. I never open any halionsonic - i do this all in the full halion…

(i prolly forgot to say something, but im in bed now and am not really up n running atm… tomorrow again. new day, new luck…)

thanks again for everything.

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The whole point of using Halion Sonic is to save the exported HSSE layers as a programs again (not a layer) and tagging them.

Library for HSSE will accept Halion Sonic presets as long as they conform to HSSE limitations like number of layers in a program, which they will because you just exported them as HSSE layers.

so I have to use hsse to create a library?
(create in halion, open and save in hsse, reopen halion and save lib? ) - that doesnt make sense…

I am sure that halion should be able to handle this on its own, no?

  • I will test it again tomorrow and only save the lib for halion - havent tried that yet…
  • skip the whole hsse layer export yadda yadda and just chose “halion library”

I will see…

thanks again=)

Hi all and good mornin:)

Ok… Here is the deal…

1.The library creation of a Halion Library went flawlessly. (Non hsse lib) → good, im happy. - this is how i will be using it.

Remaining issues and a new issue(s):

  1. after reimporting it, it is very silent… - like barely no sound at all and i have to turn up my monitoring way high to get a decent level…- weird… I call it a bug or so… Idk… I will try to find out what it was.
    Edit: Eh, no matter - i just normalized the samples within halion … Now levels are as they were before…

  2. I still cannot use the range slider in the macro page…

    Thats all for now…

Thank you all , and please, if you can help me with the range, pls do so…
Also, does anybody know how to create a legato when switching layers?

Mkay, thx again and have a sunny day:)