Libraries available in Windows Administrator account but not in Standard User

Hi @Ulf … I believe I had checked files… at least all those under the structure you mentioned… perhaps something else somewhere else also requires elevated access? Is there no log file or something that would shed light?

I’m now away for the week… and with school starting not likely to try to troubleshoot remotely with a busy student… but if any other ideas come up, I’ll give ‘em a shot when I get back.

Hi @DoYouLikeHam , other than offering a remote debugging session, I have nothing in store. When you have time again, send me a private message and we can arrange something.

that would be great, @Ulf !

Was this ever resolved? I’m having the same issue but within Cubase

I believe you need to make sure that the location where the libraries are installed has full read access for all user accounts on the computer.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I still have the issue. The only way I can get it to run is by running it as Admin. However, it’s a student PC so they don’t have admin access.

I’ve given them right permissions no the c:/programdata folder and all sub-folders but it still happens

I’m not the expert here – paging @Ulf, who knows more about this than me.

@ictadmin , it’s not only the folders and subfolders, but also each and every single file in there needs the proper access rights.
If you can’t get it going, we can have a remote session at some stage. Send me a private message and we can arrange for it.

Thank you Ulf! I discovered that the files were not inheriting permissions from the parent folder.

For anyone else’s reference in future. Go to the location C:\ProgramData\Steinberg > right click > properties > security tab> advanced. Here you can change the permissions to have full read access. Have it apply to this folder, subfolders and files.

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