Libraries disappeared after migrating to Steinberg Licensing

I think migration doesn’t work very well folks. After making the migration of some bookstores have disappeared in Retrologue and Padshop.I hope you give me a solution, because this is a problem of your platform,where my bookstores that I had bought have gone?

Please make sure that you have the latest versions of Retrologue and Padshop installed. They’re currently Retrologue 2.3.0 and Padshop 2.1.0. You can also try downloading your libraries again to make sure that you have their latest versions.

Please note that due to a limitation related to the MediaBay preset browser and license checks, Cubase/Nuendo 11 and earlier are unable to see your libraries after upgrading to Steinberg Licensing. Steinberg is currently working on a fix which will be released later this year.

Please use Cubase/Nuendo 12 if possible, or contact support to request a license compatible with older versions of Cubase.