Libraries/textures for solo jazz vocals

Which of the vocal libraries/textures for Dorico can you recommend for a solo jazz singer?


with built-in sounds it’s a no go, unfortunately… :neutral_face:

If you want to have good results, invest in Synthesizer V Pro made by Dreamtonics, and get a natively English voicebank like Solaria, Weina (she’s actually Chinese/English, but the source is Weina Hu, the original Chinese voice for Frozen’s Elsa, so there you go…), or Natalie. For male voices, I’m using Asterian, a stunning Barry White-like voice.
Then, the workflow ist to notate the vocals like usual, but do not connect their stave to a VST. Instead, load SynthV, and have it follow the tempo of the song in its own built-in sequencer. Only caveat is, Dorico right now doesn’t transmit tempo changes to VSTs.

This is the best possible way to get modern, non-choral vocals into your Dorico projects. SynthV even has a built-in audio-to-MIDI converter, so if you have a so-so singer, you can have that person sing it their way, and later you can edit it to perfection in SynthV’s built in editor! It will play along with your score in Dorico, and of course also export the vocals with the rest of your project, since SynthV appears in Dorico’s mixer!

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P.S.: Holger LJJOH?

Hi Benji,
thanks for the detailed answer and the tip for Synthesiser V Studio Pro by Dreamtonics.
I live in Austria and am not the person you suggest.
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You never know… :crazy_face:
Have fun!