Library creation with protection (SOLVED)

Has anyone actually gotten a library to work with protected layers or scripts? It thus far has been a complete waste of my time even trying to make this happen. I can’t get my synth (- YouTube) out to my beta testers because exporting it is rocket science. I’ve read the manual and developer manual dozens of times and none of it makes sense to me. I’ve created my synth but every time I protect it the script gives an error and no longer responds upon reload. I’ve tried protecting the layer and/or protecting the program but the script always gives an error, and only when it’s protected. In my program tree I have a layer connected to my macro page. I have another layer within that layer with my actual zones, arp, script etc etc. I turn on the layer protection for the top most layer (the one I want to lock). I add a password. I Export Program as Protected VST3 Preset like the manual says but when I reload the program I now have a script error. I tried adding

-- access the protected layer(s) which have the password "abc123"

to the script that’s in the protected layer and that made no difference. I tried adding a another script that is outiside of the layer with the same thing and it made no difference. Anyone got this work?

Hi abject39.

It should work. Just make sure the password is correct. If you used abc123 as password to lock your layer then it should be fine. Don’t lock the entire program. It will cause problems if you want to export it as HSSE layer preset afterwards.

I finally have this solved! Turns out the password function must be in the beginning of the script not the end or it will not work.