Library Creator issues

Hey, I have recently got into Halion 6 and started creating my own instruments. I manage to work with the MACRO, create different MICs channels, etc. It all work fine, however I cannot export my library to be used with Halion Sonic. Even after saving my library it doesn’t show up when opening Halion 6 in a different Cubase project. Anyone can help? Thanks!

You need to build the library. It should create a vstsound file. Then you need to register it like any other content set. Simply double click the vstsound file. It should open the Library manager and let you register the library. After doing this it should be available in Halion and also Cubase.

There is also an option to temporarily mount the vstsound in Halion so you can test it. Either way you need to build the library first to create the vstsound file.

Thank for this. I did try it but it doesn’t seem to work. Also now the sample, when reopening the project, are not playing anymore in the plugin (despite me not changing anything). I will give KONTAKT a go in creating samples and see if it is less of an headache,