Library Creator = missing presents in lib

I have created some sample presets in Halion 6 and I tried to make a library using Library Creator. During creating it there were some issues reported , but lib was created . I started simply just one preset, I have registered this library, It is visible in MediaBay of Sonic SE, but there is no preset in it. What could be the reason?


You have your preset browser in HSSE set to display multi presets. Could that be the reason?

Try to switch it to program or layer presets.

I am new in Halion and Cubase world and You saved my day , bro, Layer worked well, thanks a lot. Maybe you can help me with one more thing : I have desktop and laptop, both with Cubase and Halion, As I made a song on desktop I copy project folder to my laptop, and load the song, Fount out, there is one preset in Halion, used in my song, that is missing. How can I identify by the name of the preset, from which library it is just to be able install it ?

Do you know the name of the preset? Search for it in mediabay on your desktop. You can change the displayed columns to show library name.

great , thanx, still lot of things to learn, btw, where R U from , your name sounds like Mišo Hoza ?

Good to hear it worked :grinning: