Library for sound design assets: Mediabay or (Pool) Library?

I am thinking about creating a Library for making use of audio I create in sound design sessions. In this case, I’m working on psy trance leads at a particular BPM and maybe a create 50 or so. not for a specific song but in connection with creating synth patches and trying them out. Commit them to audio in different keys, etc. Now I want a place to put them for possible future use in cubase projects (or possibly another daw). Of course, I also have the synth patches and I could save the MIDI as well, but the idea of printing the audio seems more useful and easier to grab.

does it make sense to use the Library for this? Of with the MediaBay under C10, is it just a waste of time. Seems like if a Library is like a separate Pool, it might be easier to look specifically in it rather than MediaBay.


Both is possible, Library and MediaBay. MediaBay offers you more in terms of searching and database management. Myself I would go for MediaBay.