Library Key Switches

wrt Expression Maps, is it possible to assign a library Key-switch to a parameter in the properties window? e.g., can I assign a key-switch to the parameter “Dead Note” appearing in the properties panel? My library has samples for Choked notes that I would like to use with the Dead Note notation. If so what is the process?

Dorico adds the playback technique Muted (id: pt.muted) for a note with the Dead note property set, so you can define a switch for that in your expression map.

Thanks Daniel. I too figured it out and tried successfully last night. In fact I am trying to use the various guitar techniques appearing in the properties panel with my Impact Sound Works Guitar Libraries, in this connection I am unable to figure out as to which of the playing technique is linked to each of the guitar properties (viz. artificial/ natural harmonics, Tap, Hammer, Pullouts, left hand Tap, etc.) on the properties. My attempt to try one Playing Technique after the other to find a matching property hasn’t yield much result apart from being very time consuming. The manual too doesn’t appear to throw much light on this. @Lillie_Harris Perhaps Lillie may be able to guide if this aspect is covered in the manual.

In fact I would like go a step further to be able to assign different heads to some of the guitar playing techniques. I didn’t find much inputs in the manual in this regard too.

Thanks once again Daniel.

You can see which playing techniques are active at any given point in the Key Editor, by showing the Playing Techniques editor.

I don’t think you can directly assign playback techniques to notehead types for pitched instruments (in the way that they can be associated with techniques for unpitched percussion), so inputting appropriate playing techniques, then hiding those techniques, might be the best option still there.

Thanks Lillie, yes the Playing Technique lane in the Key editor is a good place to see the associated PT, Thanks.