Library Manager Copy Error on Mac Studio

Hey Everyone,

I am hoping someone knows the answer to this problem. I’ve just treated myself to a shiny new Mac Studio and starting the slow process of installing the software I need. Whenever I try and install sound libraries I am greeted with this error message:

As it stands I cannot install any Steinberg sound or patch library. Does anyone have any ideas of what is wrong or what I need to do get round this. I have tried manually copying the vstsound file to the location but that doesn’t work as Halion doesn’t see it.

Thanks in advance


Please make sure, you have the write permissions to the folder.

Thanks for the reply, it made me dig into the issue a little further. For some reason the Library Manager was trying to install the libraries to some other destination than the default. I’ve pointed it back to where it should be and everything seems to be installing okay.

Fingers crossed on this one :slight_smile:

Yep, it has worked and everything is back up and running. Time to get back to some music making.

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I just have the same problem, what did you do exactly? The target directory in the popup window is exactly the same on my machine… What would be the right directory?

I’m really sorry, but I cannot remember what I did to fix the issue. As a wild stab in the dark, load the Steinberg Library Manager, click on the cog in the top right and set the directory to /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/

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In case anyone else is having this issue. I’m running macOS 13.2.1 on an M1 Max MacBook Pro and I keep getting this same error too for anything that the Library Manager tries to copy from the Downloads folder to the hidden library folders (…/Application Support/Steinberg/etc/etc) after the Download Manager finishes downloading something.

The only way I could get it to work was to go into the System Settings/Privacy and Security/Full Disk Access and click the + to add “Steinberg Download Assistant” and then again to add “Steinberg Library Manager”. (and make sure it is selected to allow it with the little “toggle switches”) Make sure you close out of all your Steinberg installer stuff first.

Then start up the download manager again and try downloading and installing again. That seemed to fix the issue for me.


Having the same issue during new installation of Cubase Pro12 on Mac OS Ventura 13.2.1. The libraries are stored in the download folder now and the installation program generates the same error again for each library. I will try to move them after installation manually, via the Library Manager.

A few weeks back, I installed Cubase Elements12, I didn’t get this error. I checked the location of the Halion libraries installed that time, those are in /Library/ApplicationSupport/Steinberg/Content, like it should be.

Keep you posted.

Moving via the Library Manager is still not possible.

I changed the “Full Disk Access” as posted above and this seems to work. Lessons learned is: give the Steinberg Download Assistent access to your full disk before starting the installation.

I have the same problem. Has the full disc acces method worked?

Hi, yes for me it did :slight_smile:

It’s strange because I Installed the content of Groove Agent SE and Halion Sonic twice. First time I get that error and the second time was no error and the content files are in the Steinberg content folder.

If I install Backbone, I have Always that error…

Are they well registered and showing up in the Steinberg Library Manager?

Yes. Is this error a MacOs thing?

I have this issue too. I want my groove agent SE libraries on an external disk as my laptop has limited space. I cannot see where to set the final location of the downloaded files, but it tries to copy anyway and fails. Every time I open dorico I get a Groove Agent SE content missing error


The setting of the download file you make in the Steinberg Download Assistant in the Settings > Download directory.

If you want to move the library, do so in the Steinberg Library Manager. Just klick the Move button and set the new folder.

… but then, with the install fails in download manager, or moving the file in library manager fails.

It’s something to do with permissions but the all look the same - some work done don’t. I wonder if there’s conflict between groove agent se and full version content.
Or if I can tell Dorico to use the full version of GA.