Library Manager Copy Error on Mac Studio

Hey Everyone,

I am hoping someone knows the answer to this problem. I’ve just treated myself to a shiny new Mac Studio and starting the slow process of installing the software I need. Whenever I try and install sound libraries I am greeted with this error message:

As it stands I cannot install any Steinberg sound or patch library. Does anyone have any ideas of what is wrong or what I need to do get round this. I have tried manually copying the vstsound file to the location but that doesn’t work as Halion doesn’t see it.

Thanks in advance


Please make sure, you have the write permissions to the folder.

Thanks for the reply, it made me dig into the issue a little further. For some reason the Library Manager was trying to install the libraries to some other destination than the default. I’ve pointed it back to where it should be and everything seems to be installing okay.

Fingers crossed on this one :slight_smile:

Yep, it has worked and everything is back up and running. Time to get back to some music making.

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I just have the same problem, what did you do exactly? The target directory in the popup window is exactly the same on my machine… What would be the right directory?

I’m really sorry, but I cannot remember what I did to fix the issue. As a wild stab in the dark, load the Steinberg Library Manager, click on the cog in the top right and set the directory to /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/