Library Manager crash

I’m experiencing a crash in the Library Manager, which is repeatable across files. Steps to reproduce:

  • Open a file and pull up the Library Manager
  • Search for “line” (also works sometimes with “bar” instead, I’ve just discovered)
  • Click the inequality doodad for one or more options
  • Click Apply

The Library Manager works just fine without the search term entered, but of course search terms make things easier to manage so I’d prefer to be able to use the search box.

I’m unable to reproduce this. Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file. It would also be helpful to have the project file(s) you are using to reproduce the problem. I guess it is also significant which particular item you are trying to import or synchronize between the source and target projects, so please provide specific steps for which particular item you are clicking.

Diagnostic report: Dorico (658.3 KB)

I haven’t found a file yet with which this crash doesn’t occur for me, but here’s the one I was most recently working on: Schütz Psalm 44.dorico (838.1 KB)

I’ve recently changed my line thicknesses by a tiny fraction, and saved that to my User Library. Any time I open an old file and try to import staff line thicknesses, stem thicknesses, barline thicknesses, etc. from either the User Library or another file I’ve dragged in, this crash happens, but only when I’ve filtered for something first. It’s pretty non-discriminatory: it doesn’t seem to care what option I try to import, or whether I try to import e.g. the whole set of Engraving options or just one set of Engraving options or drill down to just a single option; or whether Differences or All or Not in this project filters are set. But it does care whether I’ve typed something in the Search box.

Not sure if this has been reported but Dorico regularly crashes when I (forgetfully) close a document while the library manager is open. Not a big deal. I just have to remember to close the LM first. Here’s the report:
Dorico (1.1 MB)

Yes, we are aware of this and it will be fixed in the next update.

Indeed, with your project I’m able to reproduce this. Thanks! We will take care of this as soon as we can. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

No, thank you! You guys are the actual best.