Library Manager Issue(?)

Hi everybody,
I’m reinstalling my system from scratch, after I changed my 250GB ssd drive with a new 1TB one, because I want a ‘clean’ installation (as possible).
I downloaded and installed all the included libraries using Steinberg Download Assistant but when I launched the program a lot of them (completely or in part) were missing…
Unlike the previous installation this time I didn’t set any new location for libraries so I expected everything was ok…
I solved the problem searching for every single content in the external hard disk where I moved contents in the old installation and moving them in the default location but I’m asking why this happened… The only hypothesis I could do is that libraries location is stored in the program preferences (I had reimported my old preferences before downloading libraries): can someone confirm this or I’m wrong? I’m asking this in case I had to install again…
Thank you,

To me, it’s still unclear what you did…
Changed system drive?

Hi @st10ss,
you’re right, maybe I was not clear; I’ll try more shortly, passage by passage:

  • old system: 250GB ssd hd > I moved Cubase libraries to an external hd
  • internal hd substitution
  • system and apps reinstallation from scratch
  • new system: 1TB ssd hd > I expected to keep Cubase libraries stored on default location after reinstalling them with SDA (Steinberg Download Assistant) BUT when I launched Cubase a lot of contents were missing… :thinking:
  • is it possible than the issue was caused by the fact the just after Cubase reinstallation I reimported my old saved preferences? In other words: are libraries content position stored with preferences?
    Hope I was clearer this time… :slightly_smiling_face:
    Thank you,