Library manager issue

My old laptop died. Bought a new one and just got the OS (Windows 11) optimized and configured.

Need to reinstall software (Steinberg and others) but I wanted to start with Steinberg products,

First thing I installed was the USB eLicense software. Ran the maintenance test and all went well.

Then I installed DL Assistant and that went well. However, it simultaneously installed the Activation Manager (went well) and Library Manager (without my intervention or prompting me) which brings me to the issue(s).

All my VSTi’s were on an external SSD. When I launched Library Manager it couldn’t find the libraries even after using “show options” to browse and point to the drive-folder where the VSTi’s are located.

Also, the Library Manager is acting oddly. Instead of just launching the app when I dbl click on it, it appears like it has to be installed. Is this a Windows 11 thing?

Try to double click one of the vstsound files instead. It should open the Library manager and register the files.

This question pops up from Window because you are running as a user, but the Library Manager needs to modify something that requires admin permissions. This happens for example if the tool needs to modify the Windows Registry.

This is standard behavior and will reappear when you start Library Manager or Download Assistant.

You should not try to change this as it is a safety measure that helps you keeping your system secure.

I know this might sound crazy but I’ve decided to take this opportunity to wipe the Steinberg stuff from the external SSD and DL everything all over again in order to take advantage of the opportunity to do some housekeeping and file cleaning.


Is it recommended to also install the applications (HALion 6, Groove Agent 5, Padshop 2, Retrologue 2, and The Grand 3, etc.) on the same external SSD where the VSTi content resides or is it better to install those apps on the C Drive along with Cubase and Dorico?