Library Manager Question

I don’t see a section for it, but it pertains to Halion. I’m wondering if Anima is supposed to show in the Library?
Anima doesn’t show up there for me, nor does it show up in Halion, except for in some of the multi-instruments. It used to show up as a separate instrument before I got the latest update.

Update - Found It:

good thing I’ve got two computers. I had to dig through my desktop to find two files that somehow got missing - fcp_smt_194 and 226.
It’s possible there was user error and I somehow deleted them by mistake, but I’ve been pretty careful not to delete stuff.

They were in C\user(name)\app data\roaming\steinberg\content\vst sound - in case that should ever help someone out.
There was also a duplicate in the Program Data area somewhere (I forget where).

Anima shows up in Halion, Cubase, and the Library Manager now.