Library Manager - Uninstall content ?

Hello HALion folks,

As far as I know, there is no custom installation for the content possible (select only certain instruments). So I was wondering if the Library Manager can also handle the factory content and uninstall specific libraries?

I’m asking, because I don’t need / want the new pianos, as I already own The Grand 3. It would just be a waste of space. That’s why I would like to get rid of them after the installation. Is this possible somehow with the Library Manager?


Hi Eneco,

With the Library Manager you can delete the single Intruments like Raven for example, if you don’t need another piano. But the Library Manager can only manage the new libraries and instruments not the old content.



Thank you very much for the answer. As I’m happy with the old HALion 5 content there is no need for that :slight_smile:

Hi Eneco,

like Jan already said, you can delete single libraries, but keep in mind that there is also the HS3 Combi preset library which contains presets combining the different H6/HS3 instruments. Removing for example only the Raven library, this can lead to a situation, where a combi preset, that includes Raven, will not perfectly work, due to the missing Raven samples.

Hey Michael,

thanks for the hint. But I guess that’s just something I have to live with.